Even as young children, the cowboys were among the great heroes of our day and night dreams for us boys. When Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand, Clint Eastwood as Marshal Jed Cooper, or Johne Wayne in the role of Sheriff John T. Chance rode gracefully through the prairie, we reveled in tots of strutting through the neighborhood with a massive cold cowboy hat, handsome cowboy hat, and proper riding boots , That was fun. What we as children thanks to countless carnival accessories was still possible on a daily basis, my older generation is unfortunately no longer granted. But who still wants to live out his Western desire despite his age, does not necessarily have to wait until the carnival days. There is an alternative to a cowboy hat and revolver, which makes us men even more masculine: the chewing tobacco! Or the Swedish version of it: Snus UK

An invention of the Indians?

Even the Native Americans had fun with the stimulating and at the same time soothing effect of the chewing tobacco. Then he came to Europe via the sailors. For them, this type of tobacco consumption was the only way to meet their urge to nicotine, because on the wooden ships smoking was prohibited for fire safety reasons.

The modern luxury food for individualists

As with most luxury foods, chewing tobacco also has a wide range of flavors in light and strong varieties. Chewing with chewing tobacco can therefore give everyone a male, cool and desirable image …

… and fulfill his innermost childhood wish to experience the feeling of wandering through the western town like a cowboy. Have fun, Sheriffs & Outlaws!

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